Cara Mengetahui Server KPU

19 04 2009

Berikut  adalah tips-tips bagaimana caranya untuk mengetahui operating System atau domain server/Web Server . Sebagai contoh akan saya coba untuk mengetahui web server dan operating system KPU ( Tapi jangan di hack ya..). Tool yang digunakan adalah dengan memanfaatkan situs

Apa itu Netcraft ?

Netcraft is an Internet services company based in Bath, England.

Netcraft provides web server and web hosting market-share analysis, including web server and operating system detection. In some cases, depending on the queried server’s operating system, their service is able to monitor uptimesHYPERLINK  \l “cite_note-Netcraft-0”; uptime performance monitoring is a commonly used factor in determining the reliability of a web hosting provider

Netcraft also provides security testing, and publishes news releases about the state of various networks that make up the Internet.

The company known for its free anti-phishing toolbar for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Starting with version 9.5, the built-in anti-phishing filter in the Opera browser uses the same data as Netcraft’s toolbar, eliminating the need for a separately installed toolbar. A study commissioned by Microsoft concluded that Netcraft’s toolbar was among the most effective tools to combat phishing on the Internet, although this has since been superseded by Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer 7 with Microsoft Phishing Filter, possibly as a result of licensing Netcraft’s data.

Services yang di sediakan oleh Netcraft adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Anti-Phishing Services
  • Web Server Survey
  • Web Apps Security Test

Melalui kita dapat melakukan  pengecekan web server dari situs2 di Internet. Berikut snapshot-nya dari




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